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    Deep Clean for the Salon: Finding a Pressure Washing Company

    Hiring a Pressure Washing Company: What I learned

    I have been looking at the outside of my shop and it’s getting kind of grimy, especially the sidewalk.

    I have read all kinds of things before I decided on what to do. This is a great article I came across: Pressure Washing Article
    So I called a pressure-washing company to come out and tell me how much it would cost to clean it.

    They were very kind and they came out and told me exactly what I needed to know about the sidewalk.

    While they were there, they also looked at my roof which happens to be barrel tile. The guy pointed out how moldy it is.

    When I looked at it, I was astounded. I could see exactly what he was talking about. The tiles were all covered with black mold. Some areas were darker than others but it was very obvious when I looked at it how dirty it is.

    The pressure washer guy talked to me about cleaning the roof. He told me why it would be a good idea to get it done. And then he said I could have it done in one of two ways. They could either get up there and actually clean it with the pressure- washer, or they could get up there and clean it with a solution delivered under low pressure.

    Chemical Cleans and Pressure Washing

    I asked what the difference was, and he told me that a chemical clean will last two or three times longer than just a pressure washing clean.
    He described it as similar to mowing your lawn. When you mow your grass, you just cut off the tops. When you spray Roundup, you kill the roots of the grass.

    Then he said that pressure washing is like a lawnmower. It gets the mold off the roof but doesn’t get down to the roots. A chemical clean will kill the roots of the mold. And that’s why a chemical clean will last a lot longer then a roof that is pressure washed.

    He told me that when they do sidewalks, they also use chemicals. The chemicals kill mold on the sidewalk. So it makes for a more thorough clean.

    He told me that they use chemicals first in the pretreatment and then they pressure-wash it with the surface cleaner. If there’s still mold left after that, then they post-treat it.

    He also pointed out to me how dirty the sides of my building are. He showed me the soffits and the gutters that have insect crap all over them and mold.

    He said they could get that stuff off and make it look almost like new. He said they would use the same chemical solution as on the roof, only it would be much weaker. And they would not harm the plants.

    He told me that they were licensed and insured and that all their technicians have been trained. He told me that if they did the roof and the sides of the building. that the plants would be fine. They would protect them.

    I decided to go ahead and get the roof done as well as the sides of the building and the soffits and gutters. And of course the sidewalk, which is what I had originally wanted done.

    We have the job scheduled for next week. They will be able to do it on the one day of the week that we’re closed.  So that will work out perfectly because there won’t be clients going in and out while they’re trying to work.

    I’m very excited about getting this done.

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