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    My Name is Leia


    I think it’s pretty obvious why I picked this name for my site.
    I run a hair salon. It’s GOSSIP CENTRAL!  Right?  Right!
    It really is pretty amazing, the stories that people will tell when they’re sitting there having their hair done. It’s like no one else is in the room and I’m their private therapist.
    I’m being seriously underpaid for what I do. Doesn’t the average therapist charge like 100 bucks an hour? I make $20/hour, maybe a little more with tips. And yet I’m doing the EXACT same thing a therapist does—just sit there and listen! (Well, maybe take a few notes, too.)
    The only thing I don’t do is say, “So how did that make you feel?”
    I hear everything: whose wife dropped $350 on a new pair of heels; whose husband went out a bought a Ferrari; whose ex showed up with a gun; whose mother-in-law went postal.
    My days are never ever boring. Sometimes people ask me if I get tired of cutting hair day after day. I say, No way, Are you kidding? I’d never quit this job! The stories that I hear while I’m doing people ‘s hair would fill a book! I could go on Jerry Springer!
    Anyway so this is a blog about hair salons. It may include some great product reviews. I might discuss some things about trending hairstyles. I may talk about coloring techniques.
    And I for sure will share some of my favorite stories with you.  Don’t worry, I’ll keep my clients anonymous.
    So put your seatback in the upright position; fasten your seatbelts and get ready for the ride. It’s gonna be a good one!